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Better late than never!

So sorry to keep you all waiting for this week’s blog, it is not getting any quieter between the classes!

As you are aware we have introduced some new measures this week to enhance the safety of our dancers and their property. This has included the closure of the external car park gate during class times. Therefore, on arrival to any of your classes moving fowards, you may find that the gate is still closed, but please wait patiently for an Attitude teacher to come and release the gate during the change over of classes, either before a lesson starts or as a class concludes. We will obviously try and be as efficient as possible to keep your wait times to a minimum, however, there will be some parts of the timetable that may challenge us a little more than others. Please appreciate that we are moving around the school as quickly as we can to reach you, but as we are inside the school building and cannot look out over the car park whilst teaching, this arrangement seems to be more secure for everybody concerned. So far, this seems to have worked fairly well and I’m sure the transitions will get smoother with practise.

It has also been lovely to see so many pupils wearing their leotards in classes this week. We do find that as soon as the children feel the part, whether that be in their ballet uniform or jazz/tap leotards, they straightaway start to stand with better posture and are in the right frame of mind for the lesson. It definitely helps them prepare mentally. So please keep encouraging your children to wear the ”right gear” for class, with their hair tied up appropriately too. Unlike many studios, we do allow our dancers to wear any leotards to class to help keep costs to a minimum; it is only upon entering an exam that the dancers would need to wear our specific set uniform that needs to be ordered from us. But in day to day class if they have a favourite leotard or if you have found an item at a bargain price, please feel free to go ahead and get it no matter the colour or style.

Having mentioned exams, I do intend to have a look over the next couple of weeks to which students are ready to be entered for their next exam(s), which we are now able to do as a pre-recorded entry. There are some pupils that are more than ready to progress officially to the next stage and still remember all their sequences from pre-Covid days, so it would be lovely to allow them to be awarded for their hard work. So please keep a look out for information being released shortly. We will, of course, send out notifications when the information is available.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or you would like to order any uniform then please get in touch. Please remember, we also have our second hand uniform group on Facebook, which you can request to join as a member.

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