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School of the year

This is the start of what would usually be our last week of the autumn term and subsequently the whole of the year. It doesn't really feel like that is the case, as everything seems very far from our normal routines at the moment, but somehow we have just about made it through to the end of 2020 with lessons still running during every term in one respect or another. We haven't been able to come together at our usual events: our annual show, certificate presentation, summer school or exams; but it has been great to still see so many of you either through the screen or in person, as well as our new dancers, over the course of the year.

One highlight has definitely been the vast range in people who have participated in our online sessions, from dancers as young as three, to friends and family of pupils who attend or have attended in the past, to our much loved ex-pupils who continue to support the school. Thank you to everybody who has continued to stick with us and I hope you have been able to enjoy a small part of what we have been able to offer in 2020, despite not being able to enjoy our regular annual events as previously described.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed and it has been lovely to receive an official recognition from our Association: The Association of Russian Ballet & Theatre Arts (ARBTA). This month we were awarded the "School of the Year" award by ARBTA's executive board. This has been greatly received and it is nice to feel that we have maybe achieved something this year when at times we have not known what to do for the best.

We now look forward to hopefully being able to reopen the school for the spring term. Our timetable has been released to all current pupils via email, but we are waiting for confirmation to when we can reopen our doors before we release dates and fee structure for the term on our website and social media platforms. As soon as we receive more guidance from the government and can discuss the possibilities with management at Brooksward, we will of course release the information to you. We hope you are all excited to return and hopefully be able to celebrate the work of all the dancers at some of our familiar events in 2021.

From all the team at Attitude, we would like to thank you for your support and wish you a very happy Christmas and new year. Online classes will continue this week, up until Saturday, which would have been our official last day of term. After this, please keep an eye out for communications from us via your email, our website, our various social media platforms and our app!

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1 Comment

Gypsy Booth
Gypsy Booth
Dec 01, 2020

Congratulations to the Principal Kelly Govier and all at ATTITUDE SCHOOL, on receiving the ARBTA School of the Year Award. Very well deserved.

From Gypsy Booth President of ARBTA.

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