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*Special feature blog* - Current pupil, Elizabeth McCormick

"My name is Elizabeth and I am 6 years old. When we come back I am looking forward to doing the big show. Some shows that I have seen are Little Red Riding Hood (Northern Ballet, CBeebies) and Peter and the Wolf (Royal Ballet, YouTube). I like doing the spinning in the shows. I am really looking forward to having lessons all together, especially the parts where we can skip across the room and sometimes walk. I hope we can do lessons together again soon."

Hopefully we will be able to make Elizabeth's wishes come true very soon, as we plan to reopen for the autumn term on 5th September 2020. You should have all received a rough timetable at the end of last week. I say rough, because we are waiting for your responses in order to ensure that we have the right balance of classes available. So please complete these forms as soon as possible and then we can finalise details and get all the information and pricing out to you before we complete the summer term next week.

We have also been able to share the new premises' details with you over the past week. From September we will be restarting our lessons at Brooksward School on Neath Hill. We are very excited about the facilities and flexibility that Brooksward School have to offer. Jen Swain (headteacher) has been fantastic throughout the whole transition period and is very enthusiastic about having our dance school based at Brooksward. We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to enjoy the benefits of relocating.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the new premises or the autumn timetable please get in contact with us. We may be able to easily solve any concerns you might have.

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