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The Plan

This week we have two free workshops available: this evening we have an advanced adult ballet workshop at 6:30pm, which is suitable for all current and ex-pupils who have reached advanced level; and on Wednesday at 4:45pm we have a junior ballet workshop suitable for any young dancer aged between 5-8 years. It is not too late to sign up for these workshops, so please make contact if you would like some more information - both of these sessions will be held on zoom.

In other news, we are still waiting for contracts to be finalised for the new premises, but will send you the information you need immediately after completion. However, we can share with you our plan for preparing for September reopening...

Step 1: You will receive details of our proposed autumn timetable. There are a few tweaks to the timetable, but we have tried to keep people's lessons as close together as possible to limit the number of days you need to travel to us. You will be required to tick the lessons you intend to register for and send back to us so that if we need to make any further changes to the timetable then we can do this. Please contact us if there is a class you wish to attend, but cannot because of when it has been scheduled - as always, we will always try and accommodate for as many people as possible and if we are able to rearrange a lesson to suit more of you, then we shall.

Step 2: Once we have received your responses and collated the information we shall then send you a finalised timetable with registration form. It will be compulsory for all of you to re-register for your classes so that we can assess class numbers and plan a safe return, as well as ensure that the classes are popular enough to continue running. It also gives you an opportunity to refresh your understanding of our terms and conditions.

Step 3: On receipt of your registration forms, you will then receive your invoice for autumn term 1, as well as Attitude's Code of Conduct. Although this sounds a little serious, it is just some basic information on the standards and etiquette that we aim to maintain at the school.

Step 4: Return to classes and have a great time!!

As we draw closer to the reopening of the school, we shall also share with you our plans for how the day to day runnings of the school will proceed. Due to the guidelines on social distancing continuing to evolve and also rumours about possible changes for school children come September, we are waiting until nearer the time to finalise how we will implement these rules into our lessons.

In the meantime, if you have anything you would like to discuss with us then please get in contact and we will be happy to chat with you.

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