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Happy holidays to you all. Hope you are all finding a little bit of time to enjoy some sunshine. Some of you might be thinking that our Attitude teachers will be now enjoying some downtime too, but there is still an awful lot to do in preparation for our autumn term start and so I thought I would share a little insight with you as to what goes on behind the scenes when I am in the office!

This is quite a typical Monday for me today, although it does feel a little strange that I don't need to record myself teaching, unfortunately it has not made my to do list any shorter. I usually start my day around 5:30am, today being no exception, and once I have got William sorted out for playscheme, I start my work in the office at around 6:45am. First job is the emails. I normally have a list of flagged emails that I need to respond to for the dance school that have been received on the Sunday afternoon and then I do the same for my husband's business. Then I start looking through my lists to prioritise the work for the week:

Attitude School of Dance

  • Complete Code of Conduct information to send out

  • Create a flow diagram for teachers and members of the school for the health and safety procedures we will have in place for the start of the autumn term

  • Conduct risk assessment: Covid-19

  • Privacy policy updates on facebook

  • Website and google maintenance

  • Organise rehearsals for upcoming opera performance

As well as the points above, I am currently researching various thermal/temperature checker units to see which would be best for us to invest in. There is a huge range in products that are now available and they also come with a huge range in price tags, but we feel that this is something we should invest in seriously so that we have a product that will last the long haul and is quite adaptable for our school. There are two particular products that I am looking at currently and once I have made my final decision I will share the information with you all on our website so you can see how the technology would work and what the benefits will be for your family. We are really hoping that this will boost your confidence in returning to classes and make us all feel comfortable in the school environment. So I'm really looking forward to being able to share the information with you in due course.

In addition, I'm also looking into dance flooring, which I need to make a commitment to this week. The staff at our new premises have been extremely accommodating for all our needs, but unfortunately we cannot tap on the immediate floor. This is easily solved by investing in a dance floor that we can roll out and tape down at the beginning of a set of classes. As you can imagine, this also comes at a price. So I do urge you to return your registration forms as soon as possible so that we have your commitment and know the investment is going to be made use of. If we do not have the number of tap dancers return in September that have said they are, then we do not want to feel that the money used for the flooring could have been invested elsewhere.

Everybody who returned an autumn questionnaire should have now received their finalised timetables with registration forms and as explained in the email, it is paramount that we have these completed for your re-enrolment.

So above is my to do list for the dance school this week, but some of you may not be aware that I am also a director in my husband's company, which comes with an even bigger to do list! At MD Govier Electrical Engineering Ltd I am responsible for all the book-keeping, general administration, finance (including invoicing, purchase orders and now increasingly the quotations), health and safety administration, accreditations, job flows and appraisals. So, I really will be in the office a lot! This is all before I collect William from school and then carry on with my third job as mummy!! Some would say I am a workaholic and they would probably be right, but I love both of my jobs and love keeping busy.

I will be venturing out of the office and away from zoom meetings at one point this week when we get to take our ballet barres to the new premises on Friday! Freshly disinfected, repointed and with new handles (oooOOOoooo) our ballet barres will be transported on Friday, when I shall also be collecting the keys and having my first full site visit of Brooksward School. Previously, due to Covid-19, I have only spoken to the Headteacher via FaceTime and had refreshed my memory of the space available by video call. I used to teach breakfast clubs and workshops at Brooksward around ten years ago and both of the hall spaces that are available to us are larger than what we are used to, which is going to be very helpful in maintaining safe distances and also a luxury for when we are leaping across the room!

So I'm going to go back to my work now and will continue to keep you updated with what is happening and get as much information to you as quickly as I can. Keep an eye out on social media and push notifications to see when you will be able to access detailed information in your inboxes or on the website.

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