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Half way through the lockdown

It has been a couple of weeks since we spoke to you last, but it has been lovely to see so many of you through the screen. As I am sure many of you are aware, we have been offering free workshops again online during this second lockdown. Each week a different set of workshops have been available for each age group in the school to help keep you and us active whilst we are unable to attend physical dance lessons. These workshops have been open for everybody: pupils past and present, family members of pupils and general friends of the school. If you would like to join in with any of the workshops/classes, whether you normally attend those sessions when the school is open or not, you are all more than welcome (and feel free to get others involved too who are not normally part of the school family). You can register for any of the workshops by liking the relevant social media post or responding to emails. The most popular classes we will try and keep regular slots for.

This week we also released the proposed timetable for spring. This is simply to give you an idea of the times of all the classes, which on the whole have not changed drastically. We will be sending out a follow up email mainly for the baby ballet and pre-school ballet classes, as some children who attend these classes will be ready to move up a level. You will notice on the timetable that there is a new pre-preliminary lesson available and this will cater for the children in pre-school ballet who are ready to move up a level. We will confirm who this affects in the next couple of weeks and will hopefully be able to tie this in with confirmation of term dates and therefore fees for spring, once the government announce their plans moving forward in relation to moving out of this second lockdown. It looks as if we shall be keeping all our cover-19 procedures in place for at least the spring term in 2021, so if your child has any breaks between their lessons, please feel free to leave them at the school with us, preferably with some activities such as colouring. They will always be with an adult, either in the shared areas or they can sit in the halls where classes are taking place.

Looking forwards to 2021, when we get to a point where there are less interruptions, we are hoping to add some extra classes to the timetable such as yoga and cultural dance. We always continue to try and keep our classes current and interesting, offering different elements and genre to the children and adults who attend our sessions. As soon as we are in a position where we can open these classes up to you, we will of course be sticking them on to the timetable and making them available straight away!

Please keep signing up for the workshops that are available. Make as much use out of them as possible; all our fitness lessons from lockdown 1 are also still available on YouTube. If you need any of these links resending to you (as they are all private videos) then just let us know.

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