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Exam Season

So we are fully underway with our new subscription service now with it being the third week already of the summer 2 term! We have had a great response to the subscription package we are offering and we are really pleased that so many of you are still able to dance, despite having to improvise with the space you have available to use. Although attending dance lessons online is not the ideal way of learning, it has given many of you the opportunity to attend more classes than usual and also try a different genre of dance, as we have designed it so you have access to all the classes we have to offer. So for any of our younger school members who have not experienced another dance type yet, the online lessons could make this an opportunity worth grabbing.

Don't forget, that we would usually finish our summer term mid-July (11th July this year), but we are going to extend these services until 31st July. So if you would like to sign up for the subscription now or when we get to the beginning of July, you can still do so.

What would we normally be doing at this time of year?

Well it feels strange that the whole country isn't currently undergoing GCSEs and A Level exams, but we too, would normally be preparing for our summer exam session. Just before we went into lockdown, our summer exam schedule was released and for those of you who had a chance to see this, we had a range of exams booked in ranging from pre-assessment ballet exams for some of our pre-schoolers, preliminary jazz and character exams and also advanced level ballet. We have been allowed to postpone these for as long as we need to, so there will be no pressure of rushing exams through when we return. However, it is sad to see the adults and children prepare for these exams and reach a standard that they, and us as teachers, are proud of, knowing that we will have to undergo that vigorous regime once more. For example, some of the adult members of our team have been preparing for their Advanced II Ballet exam for November 2020, but this will now have to be postponed until 2021 due to the intense training that they are used to, being reversed. We are obviously doing our upmost to provide fitness lessons, as well as replicate ballet lessons and the rest at home, but there is no substitute for being able to practise your double pirouette en pointe on a safe flooring without hitting a lamp shade or a sofa in the process!!

So for a little bit of fun (and because many of us have spent this lockdown process reminiscing about the school's past) we thought we would share some of our present school teachers' memories with you over the next week. Sometimes it is hard for our younger members to believe that the teachers have also gone through the entire exam system, before then undergoing all of their teaching modules and looking back it is unbelievable how quickly that time has flown passed! I still vividly remember all of my exam sessions whether it be taking my Intermediate ballet exam in Watford with a temperature and throwing up immediately as I left the exam room after 1.5 hours of dancing; being told at age 10 then I danced beautifully, but I entered the room like an oaf! successfully filling my pointe shoes with blood after my Advanced II ballet exam; or spending hours with my mum sewing sequins on to leotards, as we used to have to wear a costume for our jazz and tap medal exams!! I also remember taking each of our current Attitude teachers through their own exams... Miss Rowena's favourite trick was turn up on the morning of an exam with a broken bone! I remember Miss Jess' Intermediate exam, which she took in order to be able to start her teaching qualifications, despite her ongoing battle with arthritis; Miss Jade has always got very nervous before exams, but reached her Advanced I Level ballet and Senior Gold Jazz with success; and Miss Emily, I have been in the exam room with for every single ballet exam from Preliminary Level to Advanced I. So over the next week I'm going to share with you some of these memories on our social media platforms and you can see all our teachers through the years at different levels, feeling the same anxiety that you have when you take any of your exams now. We have all been there and you do come out the other side! 😂

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