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Extended summer term

We have already reached the final week of the summer seems to have gone so fast! This coming Saturday, 11th July, is our official last day of the summer term and Sunday was scheduled to be our summer examination session. However, we have taken the decision to extend the summer term this year and we will be continuing with our lessons until 31st July. We thought this may be beneficial for some of our dancers, as many of us are still not able to enjoy all our regular clubs and lessons outside of school and work and also because so many of us are unable to get away on our summer holidays. These regular classes are available by subscription.

However, as well as these, we are still offering FREE workshops, that are open to everybody in the school and you are also very welcome to invite any of your family and friends. If we find these workshops prove popular then we shall add further free events to the schedule, but we are relying on your feedback for this. If the uptake is not there, then we will assume that you do not require these services. Last week, we held a lovely workshop with Advanced ballet pupils and ex-dancers of the school, who throughout this entire season have been extremely supportive. It was rewarding being able to give something back to them and we are planning on holding another one of these sessions soon. This week, we shall be holding a ballet workshop for 9-12year olds (roughly grade 2-4 ballet). This is again, open to everybody in the school and beyond and you do not need to have taken ballet classes before. Please click on the link above to book your space.

(These workshops will take place on zoom.)

Last week, we announced plans of our relocation. As soon as these contracts have been finalised and signed off, we shall give you all the details you need. Thank you for your patience and please be assured in the meantime that we are not moving abroad, we will be centrally located in MK! You should have received a follow up email to that blog, that included a quick two minute survey to enable us to create an autumn timetable that caters for as many of you as we possible can. We would appreciate it if you could all take the time to complete the survey, as this is our best possible chance of understanding how you are feeling and what you want moving forward. If you have not received an email, please get in contact, it may be that we do not have your updated email address or we may not hold an email address for you on file. We plan on analysing this data later on this week so that an autumn timetable can then be worked upon.

Therefore, in the next couple of weeks, please keep a lookout for an autumn timetable release. As usual, we will obviously advertise the circulation of the timetable on all of our social media platforms, it will also be accessible on the website, and we shall email the timetable across to all customers whose email address we hold. Please feel free to give us your feedback at any point with regards to the timetabling plans.

To give you an idea of how we see this working...once the timetables have been finalised and officially released, we will be sending you updated registration forms. This is for a number of reasons: it allows us to update/delete any correspondence details in line with GDPR, we can gauge more accurately pupil numbers per class and plan social distancing practices and it gives you the opportunity to refresh your understanding of our rules and regulations. Please do not assume that we know what every individual is planning to do come September.

You will receive confirmation of the registration form on receipt and at that point will receive information about all the "need to knows" and code of conduct for the relaunch of the school in the autumn term. Although this might sound different to normal, it really won't be, we just feel that it has been so long since we have seen any of you in person that we just need a moment to reflect before proceeding with classes. We will also obviously inform you of the social distancing and health and safety measures we shall be implementing.

We hope that you are starting to get excited about the prospect of returning to physical classes and also getting back to rehearsing our production of The Wind in the Willows, which is sure to bring the whole team back together once again. Although we cannot confirm a rescheduled date as of yet, we are following closely the developments in the art sector and are encouraged by the latest news this morning with regards to funding and support for the arts. We hope that you have had the time over the last few months to support the arts by watching, sharing and maybe donating to some of the fantastic institutions that have been continuously streaming and live broadcasting some of their wonderful creations. We look forward to being part of this community once again.

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