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This is our final week of classes for autumn 1 term, with lessons running on Saturday (24th October) before everybody takes a well earned one week break. The energy throughout the lessons has really been great, as this is always our longest half term and with the dark cold nights starting to draw in, the autumn term can sometimes be a little hard to get going. However, across the school, classes have remained jam packed with hard work and we have been getting through a large workload every week. We hope that you all enjoy resting over the the half term break and you get some proper time to recuperate before we pack in as much as possible in our autumn 2 term.

Although we would usually be looking forward to our autumn examination session and certificate presentation events, we feel that the pupils have still had very good focus in class. We feel that overall the dancers have had clear goals they have been working towards this term, whether that be practising specific skills, learning certain choreography from memory or regaining their confidence, which can sometimes be very hard to focus on when there is uncertainty in other aspects of life. We hope that the dancers and their families can feel how their dance lessons have helped to give some stability over the past weeks. It is also lovely to see so many happy faces during these lessons and it is good for the pupils and the teachers to once again have this face to face interaction. We shall all be keeping our fingers crossed that we can maintain this up to and beyond Christmas.

Behind the scenes, the teachers continue to attend courses and workshops to discuss with other dance teachers the positive impacts we can have on the dancers who attend our lessons and share experiences with each other so we can continue to develop our commitment to the wellbeing of all our students. At Attitude we always approach each lesson with everybody’s wellbeing in mind; whether an individual comes to socialise, keep fit, be creative, or be the best dancer they can be: everyone dances for different reasons and we try and embrace everybody’s individual differences. We hope that moving into the autumn 2 term, all the dancers will continue to enjoy the variety of aspects to their classes.

We hope you all have a fantastic week’s break and we very much look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 2nd November!

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