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Looking forward to the summer

After a very busy week of rehearsals, we are reminded once again how close show 2020 is getting, as the summer timetable has just been released. Unbelievably we only have 3.5 weeks left of spring term!!!

There is lots on offer with the new timetable. As well as the usual discounts, (including 15% off your total bill for 3 lessons per week) there are also added offers for the intermediate and senior school who wish to continue or start flow and pilates lessons. Flow is an excellent way to increase your flexibility and strength by using a combination of ballet, jazz, pilates and yoga techniques, whilst remaining low impact; this class is open to all Attitude students in the senior school as well as adults. This is proving an extremely popular class with an enormous range of ages and abilities in the lesson, but the different level options mean you can choose how far you want to push your body. Pilates is again a low impact conditioning session, working from the core outwards. This holistic method is not only brilliant for the body and core strength, but reenergises the mind through mental relaxation. We have our Wednesday session that remains on the summer timetable for adults, but are also opening up our Saturday morning session post-show for all intermediates and seniors (with discounts available). Pilates is being used more and more within professional ballet schools due to the strength it gives the core muscles and also the lengthening techniques it uses to keep muscles lean.

We also have new pointe work lessons for the intermediate school (grade 4-5 ballet), which is a very exciting prospect for this group. If you would like to talk to any of the teachers regarding pointe shoes fittings then please feel free. There are also some slight time adjustments to some lessons, especially in summer 2, so just get in touch if there are any doubts as to which class you should be attending. There are some pupils in junior street that are due to move up to intermediate level and we shall talk to you next week to confirm who that includes.

In the meantime we hope everybody continues to enjoy working on the show project. We have had some lovely comments over the past few weeks from parents of children regarding their rehearsal practice. This is always lovely to hear, especially from children who have come from other dance studios and are thoroughly enjoying their time with us and growing in confidence by the minute. Details of how you can buy show tickets are now available, please pick up a letter at your lessons this week!

The Wind in the Willows - 29th & 30th May 2020

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