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*Special student feature blog* - from Emma Gibbs

It's safe to say that these strange past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of panic and uncertainty. What has been even stranger for me though, is the fact that I am not going to dance every Tuesday and Saturday like normal. Going to dance is such a great stress relief from the worries of everyday life, where you also get to make amazing friends through a shared passion of dancing. I have been at Attitude since I was two and a half years old so everyone there has become like a second family to me. I have truly missed experiencing the exciting atmosphere that is our Saturday show rehearsals and my relaxing Tuesday lessons as well.

I cannot wait to get back and dance with my friends again as we prepare for our annual show, which will be The Wind in the Willows, where I can fully immerse into my role of Toad (who is extremely fun to portray!)

However, I am still keeping up with my dancing at home, whether it is practicing my show dances in my living room, doing the online tone/flow classes in my garden or practicing my pointe work in my bedroom. It is very difficult to say the least, but it is all still keeping my mind and body healthy (and my legs aching!) which going to dance twice every week did for me also.

Whilst doing this I am gathering evidence of previous work I have done in past years at school for my GCSE grading, so keeping up with dance at home is a welcome and very rewarding distraction as it provides a great balance between work and exercise, which is really needed during this chaotic time we are living in.

It is definitely strange to not be dancing with everyone like normal as it is such a huge part of my life, so I can't wait to be back!

I hope everyone is well and keeping safe, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Emma x

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