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Working together - The Attitude Community

So we are now moving into our second week of live stream classes, with more classes available after the positive response we had during the first week of term. Although we are unable to put out a full timetable due to a lack of space for some teachers, logistics with accessibility to software, or other commitments such as home schooling; we are finding that we feel just as busy as ever as we extend the timetable once again for the forthcoming week and is it such a long process uploading and publishing all the material across the social platforms. You will find published on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, as well as website and app, all the live sessions for this week, which include live stream via Facebook, plus arranged zoom meetings for specific classes. As well as this, we are still continuing to add to our library of online tutorials and step-by-step guides on our YouTube channel (links made available on all social platform sites). Regular classes published on YouTube are adult ballet, tone and flow (tone and flow also suitable for the intermediate and senior levels of the school), but there are also many videos available showing breakdowns for show dances, as well as general classes. We have continued to try and publish a variety of genres and levels for you to access, but like I said this sometimes can prove a little bit difficult and so we ask that you do try other classes as well. For example, if you attend contemporary lessons usually, we are currently unable to deliver this class due to the space we have available, but there is footage on YouTube of the show dance for you to practise to and all the flow and tone lessons would be beneficial to you. Furthermore, if you wanted to join any of the appropriate ballet lessons then this would help to continue to develop your technique. So, with your help and by keeping an open mind, there is definitely a class available for everybody in the school.

In the meantime, we are hoping that there may be an announcement at the end of this week with regards to schools reopening, which will hopefully allow us to plan for summer 2 term and confirm for you how we are going to move forwards. Although we recently confirmed the postponement of our The Wind in the Willows production, we have been unable to provide any further information due to the lack of clarity as to when schools will be permitted to reopen. Once this has been announced we will be certain to let you know what our intentions our as soon as it has been confirmed with Stantonbury Campus Theatre. We are considering several possibilities, including the option to maybe hold a couple of weeks summer intensive during August, depending on whether international travel is possible or not, as this will obviously impact on people’s holidays in what should be the school summer holiday period. I would like to reiterate though that we have every intention of getting this production to the stage, as everybody has invested so much time to let it all go to waste.

As you can see, we are continuing to provide as much as we can for every member of the school, and we do apologise if you do not feel it has been good enough. We have communicated on all different levels and tried to make classes as accessible as possible, using different platforms. I appreciate that these options might not suit everybody, but we have constantly asked for your feedback, so that if you have any other suggestions then we could try and implement them. So please do let us know how we can help, although please appreciate that we cannot make a bespoke service for every customer. We too, are limited to what we can do under these circumstances, so we fully understand the difficult situation that everybody has found themselves in and also appreciate that dance may not be a priority for you at this time. This is why we have continued to bring you as much as we can free of charge, whilst other schools and clubs have set up subscription fees. We have always tried to create a sense of community at Attitude and have upheld these values over the last trying few months. For all those members of our community that have taken the time to give us positive feedback, send us photographs or videos, take part in live streams or meetings; thank you. It is very encouraging and helps us to carry on doing what we feel is right at the moment. Although people may disagree, which is understandable, please understand that we are doing our best, and maybe refrain from making negative remarks and instead try to be a little more open to some of the options we have tried to provide, during a time when everybody needs to be kind, caring and understanding. Thank you for all your support. We hope to see you very soon.

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