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Zoom, zoom, zoom...

It may be term break with the Easter holidays, but many of our students have been keeping up their show practise with zoom meetings this week, so we can rehearse together. With the weather being so glorious the past few days, we have been dancing in our gardens, as well as our houses and breaking down step-by-step some of the tricky routines we were learning before lockdown.

This week coming up, we shall be holding some further lessons for Advanced Street and Jazz via zoom. On our YouTube channel we continue to upload fresh flow and tone classes, which many of our ex-pupils and Attitude parents have been following, as well as current pupils. We also have many different dance breakdowns or mini classes for a range of ages and in different genre; so if you wanted to keep up your dancing over the holiday period, you can. We will refresh some of these videos in the summer term if still in lockdown. You can continue to receive the links for these videos via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or DM us if you can’t find what y out are looking for.

In the meantime, if you have anything specific you would like us to upload, then please get in touch. We don’t know if you are finding the videos helpful if we don't receive any feedback. We hope that all of you have found some time and space to have a little dance since we last saw you: keeping positive and healthy is the key!

We hope to see you all very soon and seniors keep looking out for those zoom meeting invites!

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